US NEWS: Trump travels to parts of Louisiana, Texas, hit by hurricane Laura

Texas – President Donald Trump on Saturday visited hurricane-affected areas of Laura in Louisiana and Texas to receive notifications of emergency services and relief efforts.

“One thing I do know about this province, we are rebuilding it quickly,” Trump told a conference involving Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, U.S. attorney general. As well as federal agency officials. Trump did not meet with residents.

A powerful storm hit Louisiana Thursday morning with 150 hour-hour winds (240 kph), damaging buildings, demolishing trees and cutting power for more than 650,000 people in Louisiana and Texas. Laura’s hurricane, however, was much lower than predicted.

The storm in section 4 killed at least 15 people, including some who died from carbon monoxide poisoning from the unsafe operation of generators. Governor Edwards called Laura the strongest hurricane to hit Louisiana, even surpassing Katrina, which was the third phase storm when it struck in 2005.

Trump told officials, referring to those missing, “It’s a huge number, but you thought it could be, it could be very bad.”

Trump signed a disaster announcement in Louisiana on Friday.

He also met with National Guard staff in Louisiana assisting in relief efforts and later flew to Orange, Texas, to meet with officials.

After meeting with officials at Lake Charles, Trump said “come here, I want a little power,” and began writing pieces of paper. He handed one legal officer over and said “Here sell this evening on Ebay, you will get $ 10,000.”

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