UAE NEWS: 14% more graduates enter the UAE next year

Collaboration between different disciplines and lifelong learning in a digital work environment is becoming increasingly an exciting future for the profession.

Many UAE employers expect the market to grow with up to 14 percent growth in the university staff market by 2021, according to the Institute of Student Employers. Many rental tools have already been posted online, their report said.

“Inter-sectoral collaboration and lifelong learning in a digital work environment is a bright future for the next generation of talent that will be prepared for universities and companies,” said Katharina Schäfer, head of international university agreements, SAP.

To support the development of digital skills for students and graduates, UAE universities empower faculty and teachers in educational institutions and partners around the world to teach young talent and help them launch their careers in a new ecosystem. “The epidemic has thrown a lot of pressure on graduate students but at the same time led to the adoption of a new standard of ‘unlimited employment,” explains Dr Arindam Banerjee, a professor and deputy director (Dean) – MBA program director – student employment.

“In the midst of all the uncertainties, employers around the world have gradually embraced the new standard of employment. As a leading provider of higher education, during leisure, we worked with a leading skills training provider and engaged our students in customized online content to make them competent and competent and ready for the changing job market. ”

Practical training for students

Educators are also seeing economic “V” economic stimulus that will boost the global renewable labor market.

“Two of our students who completed the program in the middle of the April epidemic from our Singapore center did more in the interviews using technology platforms with a leading logistics company (3PL) operating in the UAE and given full-time employment. The students will be in charge of car purchase solutions for the two leading Dubai-based car dealers, ”said Dr Arindam Banerjee, a professor and deputy director (Dean) – MBA Program Director – student recruitment.

At present, even training institutions in the country are collaborating with established educational products and universities offering integrated programs, making teaching methods more effective and adopting educational strategies that will help the student community to create a better future.

Manohar Punjabi, co-founder and managing partner, Anisuma Training Institute, said, “The business world is constantly changing and in order to improve work, it is important that you understand and apply those changes to stay afloat in the sport.

People today must not only understand technology but also be able to create a digital-focused strategy. Therefore, some of our new courses such as ‘Strategic Marketing Management in the Digital World’ in partnership with IIM-Indore focus on a digital world strategy that will empower people with the tools and information to make a customer happy through technology. “

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