UAE NEWS: 150 UAE girls learn monthly growth skills

The seven- to 18-year-old workshops for girls were intended to help them hone their skills.

It is never too late to teach girls some of the ‘skills of the elderly’ – from budget and savings to hobbies that can eventually turn into businesses, such as soap making, knitting and floral arrangement. About 150 girls in Sharjah learned all of this and more during the month-long meeting.

Organized by the Sharjah Girl Guides (SGG), workshops for girls aged seven to 18 were aimed at helping them hone their skills and keep their character high during the epidemic.

Fatma Ali, SGG’s assistant program manager, said: “We aim to prepare young girls for the future by holding conferences that equip them with various soft and difficult skills. They have had the opportunity to learn more about self-confidence by developing their self-confidence, promoting healthy lifestyles and choices, and promoting healthy financial practices that will help them become more responsible, independent. ”

During the so-called ‘Soap Art’ workshop, 11- to 14-year-old girls learned to make homemade soap made from organic soap. After that, a group of seven- to 10-year-olds were taught the importance of staying healthy and maintaining a healthy diet.

In one session, teens were introduced to ‘arm weaving’, in which they were taught how to weave blankets without using any tools other than their ropes and arms.

Naima Khan, the founder of Naima Khan Designs, taught them the art of artificial flower arrangement, which in turn helped to improve girls’ motor skills.

One session introduced young people to the concepts of money, savings, debt, loans and stock markets. Dr. Tanya Gibbs, a teacher and researcher, explained the basics of good financial practices.

Alia Rashid, who is also a senior executive director, said: “It has been a wonderful experience to learn to make the most of our time at home. Good thing the supplies have been brought to my house. I made my mother a bouquet of flowers and surprised her.

“In addition to exploring my side of the arts, I also benefited from a financial management conference, and I learned to plan and manage my finances so that I could start investing at a young age.”

Another participant Hala Khalid said: “I learned a lot of skills in workshops, such as inventing and thinking outside the box and following your goals. I loved the fact that I tried things I had never done before. ”

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