UAE NEWS: 1,726 Emirati students attend the Adek learning curriculum

Selected SDS students will access thousands of study benefits including training, monthly savings, travel, textbooks, full tuition coverage and a laptop grant

1,726 eligible Emirati students took part in the road show for the 2021-22 Scholarship for Distinguished Student Program (SDS) group, which unveiled the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Information.

In collaboration with the candidates, 600 parents and 150 schoolwork counselors also joined the webinar to learn more about the rigorous process and selection process.

Open to Grade 12 students studying at emirate public and private schools and Applied Technology High School, the SDS program provides Emirati students who excel with full scholarships for further education in further education at 150 universities in the world.

Selected SDS students will access thousands of study benefits including training, monthly savings, travel, textbooks, full tuition coverage and laptop fees, in addition to the potential bonus for academic achievement and pre-graduation opportunities.

Upon graduation, students are given access to accelerated work methods as part of the bursary support process, with some of the UAE’s private and non-governmental organizations.

“With the ultimate goal of bridging the gap between the academic and the future labor market needs, this program provides unparalleled education and job opportunities in our very young minds. In our efforts to equip students to compete in the global economy, we continue to work with public and private organizations to provide training and employment opportunities that enable them to meet future market needs, ”emphasized Samar Al Mansoori, acting director general, Adek’s Higher Education Sector.

The SDS program has supported 2,878 degrees, 107 doctoral and 450 degrees over the past decade, with 85 percent of the scholarships over the past 10 years awarded to students studying Business Administration and Law, Medicine and Health Sciences. , and Engineering.

Who is eligible for the bursary?

Under the SDS program process, students are required to obtain 90 percent of their Term 1 results in order to advance to the first stage of the screening process. Successful students will then be invited to take psychometric online tests online in February next year.

Students who have obtained 1,100 or more in their EmSAT Mathematics course than any other science subject will be invited to participate in the interview in March 2021. Following this discussion, the final list of certified bursary students to be announced in June is also required to gain admission to one of the top 150 universities .

Outstanding students who have secured access to the top 20 universities honored by Adek will benefit from the recently launched ‘Track Track’ app. The Fast Track Student Group will not be required to pass the interviews and psychometric test stages of the SDS application process and will be placed in the final pool of potential bursary holders.

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