UAE NEWS: A military official has been visiting Saudi Arabia, the UAE since Sunday

Naravane will spend two days each in West Asia and will hold meetings with senior military and civilian leadership.

The Indian Army chief of staff, General MM Naravane, is expected to visit four days in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from December 6. This is his third foreign trip this year, according to development experts on Thursday.

Naravane will spend two days each in West Asia, where most of the nine million people who migrate to India in the region, and hold meetings with the military and political leadership, mentioned above, said they would not be identified.

The visit is considered part of India’s West Asian government access, which New Delhi sees as part of an expanded area, and is close to Foreign Minister Jaishankar’s visit to Bahrain and the UAE on November 24-26. This achievement has dramatically boosted security and security cooperation, especially in recent years.

Naravane is expected to first travel to Saudi Arabia, where its talks will include an address at the National Defense University, people said. He will then travel to the UAE, with its defense ties with India expanded in recent years, people added.

Details of the trip were kept under threat from all three countries, although the visit was confirmed by strategists and other officials in New Delhi and Riyadh.

Former Indian foreign secretary Kanwal Sibal described the visit as “very important” on Twitter.

“Apart from strengthening bilateral relations in the crisis, it shows the ease of relations between [Saudi Arabia-UAE] and Pak. Raheel Sharif, who has been hired by the SA to lead the Islamist militant coalition, is inviting Naravane to send a strong message, ”he said, referring to the former Pakistani army chief who now heads the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition, a 39-nation Islamic bloc.

In October, Naravane accompanied Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla to Myanmar, where they held talks with senior leadership, including Aung San Suu Kyi and Senior Gen Min Aung Hlaing, on security and development cooperation.

Last month, Naravane traveled to Nepal for a visit that seemed to prepare the ground for Shringla’s next trip, with both parties helping to end bilateral relations typically following a borderline on a new political map released by Kathmandu covering Indian territories.

The visit also comes at a time when Pakistan’s relations with Saudi Arabia and the UAE are strained. Angered by Islamabad’s criticism of Riyadh’s position on the Kashmir issue, Saudi Arabia has recently demanded a $ 3 million loan granted to the Imran Khan government in 2018.

Following the overthrow of the Saudi leadership in the Kashmir affair, Prime Minister Imran Khan made unsuccessful attempts to form a new Muslim-Turkish group with Malaysia – a move that angered Riyadh.

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