UAE NEWS: A new cancer care center is being opened in Dubai

A specialized advanced cancer care center will help patients improve their treatment.

A new cancer care center has opened its doors to communities in Dubai.

The Canadian Specialist Hospital (CSH) has announced the opening of a pediatric cancer treatment center in Dubai in partnership with Max Healthcare, an Indian healthcare provider.

A specialized advanced cancer care center will help patients improve their treatment regimens, as the center offers personalized care in the ‘unhealthy marital situation’.

Patients can return safely to their homes after receiving daytime treatment.

Kindergarten cancer care centers are designed to care for patients who have been advised of short-term treatment and treatment procedures and do not need to stay overnight in hospital.

Initially, the center will accommodate ten patients daily and later the dose will be increased to 40 per day.

“The center will provide a wide range of treatment for adult and pediatric cancers such as chest, lung, liver, colon, colorectal cancer, stomach, bladder, brain, leukemia, cervical, kidney, pancreas, pain, ovarian sarcomas and other common cancers. rare, among Emiratis, UAE residents and medical tourists in Dubai. In the near future, the center will expand to include cancer surgery services, ”said Dr Prasanta Das, a cancer specialist from the Max Health Institute (MHIL), who will oversee the operation of the center.

Daycare chemotherapy will help save you extra time and money, he added.

They can recover comfortably in their homes after receiving daytime treatment, ”he said.

Dr Maryam Al Rayssi, chief executive officer of Dubai Hospital, opened the center. Mohammad Rashid Al Falasi, chairman of CSH, and other officials and medical staff were present at the event.

Al Falasi, said, “We are pleased to partner with Max Healthcare in India to open this unique cancer care unit at our hospital. This is aimed at addressing critical gaps in cancer care in the UAE and beyond. for Emiratis and UAE residents alike. We will provide them with quality medical care through our well-being center. “

Dr Harit Chaturvedi, chairman of the Max Institute of Cancer Care (MICC) in India, said, “We are delighted to be providing our technology in Dubai. Patients will benefit from this unique collaboration. Initially, we started with a medical oncology center. Later, we will extend support by providing surgical oncology. We sympathize with the complex process of patient travel from the time of diagnosis and planning to implementation and follow-up treatment. ”

He also said: “We offer multidisciplinary treatment (surgical, medical and radiation, cellular oncology, pathology, radiology, palliative oncology, onco-psychology, onco-rehabilitation etc. ), and a positive outcome for any patient can only be guaranteed if all decisions are taken collectively by all the professionals involved. ”

The in-house video conference center will help connect MHIL and CSH specialists, who will discuss cancer cases and share information between the two hospitals. Patients in CSH will have full access to MICC information, skills and procedures.

Dr Ankur Bahl, senior consultant at MICC, will regularly visit CSH and will be available at the hospital for consultation.

MICC is one of the largest cancer services in northern India, serving more than 100,000 and 15,000 outpatients and outpatients, respectively, annually.

The MICC has more than 90 oncologists and 30 patient sailors.

MICC is one of the first healthcare providers to differentiate organ-based therapies called DMGs.

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