UAE NEWS: A UAE man is pouring Dh2m into a joint bank account while his wife is abroad

The husband used some of this money to do his chores.
The husband has been ordered to pay Dh2 million fraudulently from a bank account he shared with his wife.

Official court documents said that after working with the Abu Dhabi company for 16 years, the Arab woman left the UAE and returned to her home country.

She kept her savings in a shared bank account shared with her husband. The woman said she had also transferred her termination allowance to the same bank account. Before he left the country, the total amount in the bank account was Dh2 million.

Upon her return to the UAE, the woman said she found out that her husband had closed their account collectively without her knowledge and consent. He said the man transferred the money to his account. Then he used some of the money for his work.

The woman asked the court to direct the man to return the money he had saved because he had spent it without his consent.

After hearing both parties, the first court in Abu Dhabi ordered the man to pay his wife the Dh2 million he took from their bank account.

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