UAE NEWS: About 2 out of 3 young Arab women believe they receive equal rights: Survey

When Covid-19 attacked, young Arab women saw an increase in family ties.

By formulating extremist views about the region on gender equality, about two-thirds of young Arab women believe they have the same rights as men, this year’s survey of Arab youth has shown.

“In a survey of 50:50 men and women, we asked young Arab women about their rights and opportunities and the data showed that the majority – 64 percent – young Arab women said they had the same rights as other men and women. 11 “feel that they have even more rights than men in their country,” said Margaret Flanagan, senior vice president of strategic and customer experience at ASDA’A BCW.

“We have not seen much difference in the region across the Arab world, the GCC, North Africa and the Levant region,” Flanagan said during a discussion on Tuesday.

The same sentiment was echoed when young Arab women were asked about education and job opportunities, many of whom said they “had the same rights as men to higher education and a career”.

Both women (76 percent) and men (70 percent) also agree that a woman can benefit her family more by working, than by staying at home.

Virus effect

When Covid-19 was attacked, young Arab women saw an increase in family ties, Flangan pointed out.

Fifty-five percent of both male and female respondents said women were more likely to seek employment during the Covid-19 period. A large percentage, 67 percent, also said they were more likely to have major family obligations.

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