UAE NEWS: Abu Dhabi School Opening 15 students are allowed in the classroom

Capital schools are set to admit students of all ages to return to class on January 3.

When Capital private schools open on January 3, only 15 students will be allowed in one class, the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Information (Adek) said in its latest guidelines statement.

Schools can welcome students of all grades to return to classes but only by following the necessary precautionary measures in the midst of the epidemic, Adek said.

“The maximum number of learners in each class is 15 where social distancing is 1.5 meters and compulsory masks for Grade 1 and above. KG Bubbles last 10 to 10. The 15th grade only applies to areas where students are protesting against the public and wearing masks, ”he explained.

By August 30, Abu Dhabi schools had begun accepting students in classes and online study options for the first semester of the academic year. The second semester will begin on January 3. And in the latest policy and guidelines for the reopening of the latest private schools, Adek noted that the school should be divided into three to four bubble macros for all students and students in all grades.

“There should be no mixing of spaces without these macro bubbles, which means that an art teacher can teach both Grade 1 and Grade 3 classes and therefore can be assigned a large bubble that includes other Grade 1 and Grade 3 teachers. In the event of an incident, this would allow for the separation of that large counterfeit to be tested and taken further action. ”

What happens if someone is diagnosed with a disease at school

Students and staff of private schools who wish to attend classes on their own should have a negative Covid-19 test result. The tests will be offered free of charge until December 31 at the motor vehicle control centers run by Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (Seha). Dedicated students and those who choose to study full-time are exempted from taking the exam.

Meanwhile, schools have been told how to deal with emergencies and have been reminded to immediately inform Adek and the Abu Dhabi Department of Health.

“If there is only one confirmed infection, all contacts should be separated for 14 days, possibly including family members. In the case of two or more confirmed cases, the school will move to a study grade for at least 14 days, ”added Adek.

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