UAE NEWS: Abu Dhabi Seha’s Covid-19 staff receive a gift for 3 days

Partners of the Deliveroo UAE and Mexican restaurant in Taqado within the thanksgiving program.

Thanks to the outstanding Covid people that tirelessly treat the residents of Dubai, an ardent group of passengers recently brought a gift to health care workers at the United Arab Emirates’s capital Health Services Company (Seha) immunization center.

The Thanksgiving initiative was launched by Deliveroo UAE, in partnership with a Mexican food mix, the Taqado Mexican Kitchen, as a heartfelt act of because of the medical staff who kept the town moving and celebrated Taqado’s ninth birthday within the UAE.

Ships of over a dozen passengers from the food delivery app picked up the best-selling burritos and delivered them to the crew for 3 consecutive days. Nearly 80 Seha workers holding a vaccine at one amongll|one amongst|one in every of} the authorities ‘offices enjoyed a burrito meal delivered to their work for 3 days in a row, with a blue register the wrapper’ you’ve got brought us here. many thanks ‘.

In a statement, the Mexican restaurant said: “Taqado Mexican Kitchen is celebrating its 9th birthday within the UAE in partnership with Deliveroo to form a special Thanksgiving for the highest Seha staff, who contributed to keeping citizens safe and healthy last year.”

“For three days during a row, Taqado prepared fresh, stuffed burritos, full of barbacoa, rice, beans, salsa, and Monterey Jack cheese or cream wrapped in soft flour.”

Christian Jansson, chief executive of the burrito at Taqado Mexican Kitchen, said: “Throughout the epidemic, we’ve fought and fought to survive in these difficult and really difficult times for us and lots of other businesses. to avoid wasting lives. “

“So for us in Taqado, as we celebrate our 9th birthday, we wish to dedicate to people who are at the forefront of the health care industry the self-sacrificing work they are doing for us and our communities on a day after day. The respect and love that comes from the Taqado team.”

This is the second round of the ‘Thank You’ program, which was launched by Deliveroo earlier this year in partnership with Seha in Dubai. the primary was made in June in partnership with the Five Guys victuals chain, while the food delivery app brings free burgers to Covid’s Seha heroes.

Anis Harb, GM of Deliveroo GCC, said: “We are delighted to be working with one in every of the foremost respected brands within the UAE for his or her birthday and that we are delighted that our passenger network can assist them during this endeavor. . “

Seha’s representative, Shamsa Ahmed, said: “Most of the work is to stay the town safe and healthy and our medical staff in Seha have shown daily interest in community service. We are delighted to receive this Thanksgiving from Deliveroo and Taqado. good, Taqado. “

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