UAE NEWS: Abu Dhabi to keep option for Distance Learing after huge call from parents

Education officials had planned to return students to class in September.

Abu Dhabi will allow students to continue studying online, if their schools and parents agree.

In March, the government closed schools and brought all students online to protect children and prevent the spread of the virus. Abu Dhabi initially intended to bring all healthy students back to class, at least for a while, to the next school year. Children with poor health could not be released.

Schools were given the option, as permitted, to allow children to enter school fully; on exchange days, for half days; week rotation; or a combination of the above. Responding to a strong call from parents who want to continue their children’s grades, Adek has approved the full-time study option

Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Information (Adek) has now introduced grade reading as an option for all children. “In response to a strong call from parents who wish to continue their children’s grades, Adek has agreed that the option to study the whole grade for the next term,” the department said in a statement.

“We have also provided a telephone number for parents to use for reporting and concern.”

They can be reached by calling at 800 266754262.

Last month, an Adek interview conducted by less than half of parents in Abu Dhabi wanted to see children return to full classes in September.More than 158,000 people in the capital responded to the vote.

Speaking last month, Brendan Aspell, principal of the Wales International School in Abu Dhabi, said teachers are already organizing classes with about 15 students at a time.

He also suggested that most parents want to see schools return somehow after the summer.

Worshipers at the Bani Hashim Mosque in Abu Dhabi pray. Restrictions were lifted to allow up to 50 percent of people in places of worship. Victor Besa / National
“I think we did our best to study grades. I’m not sure it’s a logical way to move on, “he said.

What can parents do to better prepare their children for returning to school?

Abu Dhabi students must take Covid-19 tests to prove they are HIV-negative before returning to class

All students should be tested for sweets to show they are free of Covid-19 before returning to class under Adek rules.

Students and staff will be regularly screened to see if they are infected to ensure their safety, said the superintendent, who has introduced measures to keep them safe.

Under the departmental guidelines, students over the age of 6 must wear masks throughout the school day when returning from summer.

Student temperature will also be checked daily with a thermometer that I can contact before entering school.

Students 6 years and older, equivalent to grade 1, or year 2, in the British system, should wear a mask.

Adek warned that children who are sent home by their parents, without enrolling in school, put themselves at risk of relapse once they return to normal education.

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