UAE NEWS:Abu Dhabi’s parents must show the results of the 72-hour COVID-19 test before entering school

The regulation was outlined by the Abu Dhabi education director, the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and information (Adek), in a guidebook that details the return of children to school from August 30 onwards.

Parents of young children involved

Many parents who send their children to school for the first time next Sunday are worried that the law will not allow them to keep their children in their new home.

One parent who sent her children to school for the first time said that the need is much harder to maintain, than it is expensive. He added that school staff would not be tested more often, so the parents’ decision to shut down the Dh400 was simply to see that the inside of the school building was not working.

Another teacher with her child who was also ready to start school in the next name said she too would not be able to see her child in class.

This requirement also creates concern among parents with special needs, and those with young children joining new schools this semester.

One mother with a speechless son said that she had asked to discuss the matter with the school authorities so that she could come up with a solution that works.

But some parents are happy with Adek’s firmness about school safety.

“We have decided that our five-year-old will be home for at least two weeks, and we will see how this plays out. If we decide to send her to school, I know these rules will help me to ensure that schools are adequately protected in these unprecedented situations, ”a father of two told Gulf News.

Adek orders

Teaching and learning throughout the UAE has been done far and wide over the last term to reduce the outbreak of COVID-19. Towards the end of July, Adek approved a return to learning in the future class, and has been revising guidelines to ensure a safe return to school for all.

With schools using safety measures, including general temperature checks for all and student bullets, many parents say they are free to send their children back to school.

The need for a negative test result of COVID-19 for parents is a review of Adek’s previous instructions. In its early adoption, Adek guidelines stated that parents were not allowed to enter school premises, unless they were supporting a child with special needs or were considered to be supporting a child in kindergarten.

There are also other rules governing admission to the school. This means that only one parent / guardian can take the children outside the school door, and that a contact temperature test will be done before admission. In addition, anyone accompanying the child to the checkpoint must wear a mask.

Distance reading is allowed

Meanwhile, in cases where families want more attention, they are allowed to choose a full-time grade for children’s learning in the future.

“Parents must take full responsibility for their decision. Schools will be flexible within the first two weeks of physical rehabilitation and will embrace the change, ”Adek’s guide for parents said.

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