UAE NEWS: Covid-19 What to do for UAE students amidst delays in CBSE board exam delays

CBSE school principals in the UAE say postponing the board test could help.

Principals of India’s Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in Dubai have urged board students to keep up their vigor in exam preparation, which is expected to take place in March 2021.

There is speculation that these tests may be postponed due to the outbreak of the annoying novel coronavirus (Covid-19) in the most populous country in South Asia.

The student appeal comes after Indian Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ recently pointed out that CBSE board students could have more time if the Covid-19 epidemic does not develop in his country.

Many students and parents in India have been demanding that the CBSE exams be postponed to May or June due to a lack of preparation due to the closure of schools during the unprecedented Covid-19 outbreak.

CBSE school principals in the UAE have supported the assurance that postponing board exams can help.

Mohammad Ali Kottakkulam, principal of Gulf Indian High School in Dubai, said, “I feel that postponing can help students, as it will give them more time to practice and help restore time lost due to the Covid -19 epidemic. However, too many delays can lead to academic loss of interest and can affect the next session. Grade X and XII students need to prepare for the exams in March itself. Let them treat the postponement as a bonus and make the most of the opportunity. ”

School principals also suggested that students should stay focused on their preparations and have faith in the board, which is known to be good for students.

Deepika Thapar Singh, chief executive officer and principal of Credence High School in Dubai, said, “The minister’s plan is welcome news. Now, students will have more time to prepare for their upcoming exams. They will continue with their preparations at a comfortable pace following the guidance of their competent teachers. Students should not worry about anything. The CBSE is the governing body and appropriate decisions will be made within days after considering all stakeholders. ”

Delays in board tests can lead to other challenges

However, some principals have felt that delays in holding tests could adversely affect students who want to write competitive entry exams such as medical or engineering streams.

Annie Mathew, principal of Gulf Model School in Dubai, said, “It would be great if both Grade 10 and 12 tests could be done according to plan.

Postponing the exams will have a dynamic effect on entrance exams and higher education. At first, postponement may seem like a good idea. But later, it can be very stressful. Students who study abroad may be affected. ”

He continued: “Students should not be distracted by guessing. Plan ahead, create a possible study schedule, which you think tests will be held per schedule. Stay informed of syllabus changes and test patterns. Strength and flexibility, which will help us to face challenges soon. ”

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