UAE NEWS: Covid in the UAE You can be fined for not wearing masks where required

Authorities have recently identified six public places, cases where masks are not mandatory.

The UAE Mask Rules were relaxed for the first time on Thursday, September 23, since they were introduced 18 months ago.

Authorities have identified six public places and situations where the mask is not mandatory.

These are: When you exercise in public places; when members of the same family travel in their own private cars; beaches and swimming pools; when I am alone in confined places; in salons or beauty salons; and in medical facilities.

Compulsory mask law, however, still applies in the UAE to all other public places.

This means that those who do not stay hidden in areas where it is mandatory will be fined. According to the latest list of fines issued by the UAE authorities last month, the fine for this case is Dh3,000.

In addition, people should continue to maintain a public distance of at least two meters – even in areas where masks are no longer needed. The penalty for not doing this is Dh3,000.

Low cases from 3,000-odd to 300

The latest reduction in mask rules in a series of new announcements made in the UAE as daily cases sank to record ground.

Covid-19 infections dropped by 62 percent in August compared to January this year, a senior official said. Daily cases roam around 300 marks this month – the longest since January, when almost 4,000 (3,962 on January 29).

Normal return

The low number of daily cases and the high immunization rates have helped the UAE reduce the drastic security measures Covid had introduced to contain the virus.

The UAE is on the verge of achieving herd protection, with more than 92 percent of citizens receiving at least one dose of the Covid vaccine, and more than 81 percent being fully vaccinated.

Energy in shopping malls, cinemas and restaurants in the UAE was increased to 80 percent last month. Hotels are fully operational.

However, experts have warned residents not to abandon their security guards for now.

“Social cohesion is now important, and we must all take appropriate precautionary measures. We are back in the workplace, our children are back in school, and the power of business has increased, proving that the country’s balance has improved in the recovery process. of the world to fight the virus, “says Dr. Farida Al Hosani, a spokeswoman for the UAE Health Sector, previously.

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