UAE NEWS: Dubai A new study detects 7,000 rare diseases in children

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA), the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) and the Irish company lP4ML have developed a new way to diagnose about 7,000 rare diseases at an early age in the health of children, compared to traditional tests that can diagnose rare diseases. Only 50. .

The partnership between the Dubai-based companies and the Irish firm began with screening studies at Dubai Hospital and Latifa Hospital for 20 pregnant women whose cases were described as high-risk pregnancies.

Blood samples were taken from pregnant women in their first trimester to detect any abnormalities in the embryonic chromosomes. The results of the laboratory tests were obtained within five days, six times faster than traditional tests that took between 28 and 30 days. The results of the new tests also proved to be more accurate.

This has been made possible by the use of genetic engineering technology.

The Irish company aims to open new specialized laboratories in Dubai so that DHA can begin testing in 2022, provide immediate results within two days, and develop tests that do not require surgical intervention during pregnancy and childbirth. This includes the use of complete genetic sequences as well as more accurate drug testing to have a deeper and more accurate understanding of rare diseases in newborns.

Patrick Moloney, founder and CEO of P4ML, said his company was on track to continue expanding the region.

“All this is due to the support of the DFF,

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund, DHA, and many research, scientific and medical centers in the UAE and around the world … take about 5 years and go to 8 clinics to diagnose any rare disease in children, ”he said. .

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