UAE NEWS: Dubai launches DH300 million medical research center for COVID-19, other infectious diseases

The center is the first independent research center in the UAE

Dubai: The new Dh300-million center, Mohammad Bin Rashid Center for Medical Research, has been launched in Dubai.

The center that focuses on dealing with COVID-19 and other viral infections is the first independent research center in the UAE.

His activist Shaking Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Governor of Dubai, has set up the Mohammed Rashid Medical Research Institute, according to the Dubai Media Office on Tuesday.

The center will focus on infectious disease research in the country in addition to researching COVID-19, Sheikh Mohammad wrote on his Twitter account, adding that there is a need for community-based medical research centers.

Sheikh Mohammad contacted the institute seeking research to address the COVID-19 epidemic and other viral infections. Founded with an initial investment of Dh300 million, the Center is part of the Al Jalila Foundation, an organization under the umbrella of Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives.

During the visit, Sheikh Mohammed met with a group of scientists who were presenting their research projects. His rise is summed up in the achievements of the Al Jalila Foundation and its extensive research portfolio.

Available to everyone
“Everyone can join the Center’s research. The new center is an important addition to the global network of research institutes. It is part of the UAE’s impact on biodiversity research and its research results will be shared with other institutions, ”said Sheikh Mohammeded.

With the introduction of a new institution in the global scientific research community, he said, “We need specialized institutions to conduct research that takes care of our environment and responds to the health challenges facing our region.”

The Mohammed bin Rashid Medical Research Institute aims to prepare the next generation of researchers in various fields as part of a larger vision to build a comprehensive health map and to provide local, regional and international community with meaningful, specialized medical research.

The state-of-the-art institute seeks to develop new technologies, accelerate the use of surveillance intelligence to detect new diseases and to develop effective strategies that contain outbreaks. By launching an integrated medical database using major data analysis techniques, the institute strives to fund global efforts to find effective vaccines and injections.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Medical Research Institute wants to put the UAE at the forefront of medical emergence in the region. It also provides a platform for researchers and specialists to exchange information and technology related to medical advances around the world.

A critical need for research
With the COVID-19 epidemic resulting in more than 20 million cases and the need for 728,000 lives worldwide, there is an urgent need for comprehensive medical research and prevention. Researchers around the world are working around the clock to find effective ways to contain the virus and to reduce its effects on humans.

The institute aims to build domestic and international partnerships with research institutes specializing in biomedicine and the introduction of the medical environment as part of its goal of utilizing all resources and sharing pioneering research projects with experts around the world.

Independent institution
Mohammed Bin Rashid Research Center is the first independent biomedical biomedical research institute in the UAE with its board of trustees. It was established with an initial investment of Dh300 million focused on equipping specialized researchers and funding science projects. The initial capacity of medical research in the UAE is expected to bring a 4% return on investment of up to Dh10,5 million per year, which will be reinvested in healthcare and research programmes.

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