UAE NEWS: Gargash UAE-Israel disagrees on Palestinian issue

The UAE minister points to the end of the Israeli appendix as an important step towards peace.

Abu Dhabi: The UAE Foreign Minister, Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash, has also said that a peace deal with Israel “will not undermine the intentions of the Palestinians and the undeniable rights of the Palestinian people.”

Addressing a meeting of Arab foreign ministers on Wednesday, he said the agreement “includes an Israeli agreement to end Palestinian unification, which is an important achievement and a step towards peace, and a fulfillment of the needs of member states and the international community.

Gargash said: “There is a real opportunity to revitalize efforts and steps for peace in the Arab-Israeli conflict,” noting that “the solution to this issue is in the hands of both the Palestinian and Israeli parties.”

Gargash explained that “a growing number of challenges and problems facing our Arab region require cooperation, increased cooperation and cooperation, addressing these challenges wisely, prudently and equitably, prioritizing political solutions in addition to the ups and downs, achieving all that will lay the foundations for development, security, stability and peace.” in the region and forced the strengthening of Arab cooperation, in a way that will fulfill the hopes and aspirations of our people. ”

And its threat to further maritime security in the waters of the Mediterranean, in blatant violation of relevant international laws and conventions, and in violation of national sovereignty. ”

The UAE minister said Iran’s intervention “continues with its support for armed forces and terrorist groups in other Arab countries, while Iran continues to threaten the safety and security of maritime vehicles, hydroelectric power in the region and its development, describing” respecting “their obligations. The rules and principles of good neighborliness will remain a key requirement of the UAE ”,” renewing its call on Iran to respond positively to its repeated calls for a peaceful solution to the issue of the three Emirati Islands, Greater Tunb, Lowerer Tunb and Abu Musa, through direct negotiations or by going to the International Court of Justice. ”

He reaffirmed the UAE’s support for the alliance to support legitimacy in Yemen, led by Saudi Arabia, urging all Yemeni parties to take concrete steps to implement the Riyadh Convention and avoid escalation, as well as the need for an end to the fire, as the full implementation of the Riyadh Convention is the basis for political action.

Gargash strongly condemned the continuing terrorist attacks by Houthi militants in Saudi Arabia, as well as the attack on public infrastructure and the importance of Iran’s support, which is a clear violation of international humanitarian law, ensuring the need to stop repeated attacks on the State, and work together to prevent globalization and power. of solutions, based on respect for sovereignty and non-interference in international internal affairs.

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