UAE NEWS: India, UAE agrees on special flights between the two countries for 15 days

The curtains by UAE carriers, excluding Vande Bharat aircraft, will fly Indians up and down

India is refusing permission for UAE flights scheduled to be replaced
India, UAE will use 15 days of special flights to fly between India and the two countries

Dubai: The Indian and UAE governments have agreed to use special flights for 15 days to fly Indians between the two countries, waiting months for the Indian invasion.

The India Ministry of Civil Aviation on Thursday afternoon announced that return flights under the Vande Bharat Mission and leased flights by UAE carriers returning Indians from here would fly from India with permits to return from the UAE on their way from India to the UAE.

The announcement clarified that India lifted the ban on passenger-carrying aircraft in the UAE and UAE removed restrictions imposed on Vande Bharat aircraft from UAE-bound flights bound to India.

In a tweet, the department announced that the agreement would be valid for a period of 15 days from July 12 after which it would be reviewed as required.

“As part of a basic partnership between the Indian government and the UAE in a bid to assist current UAE citizens in India to return to the UAE, Civil Aviation executives from both countries have approved the following operations from Scheduled from July 12, 2020,” the ministry said. -tweet.

“Airlines published by the UAE carrying passengers to bring Indian citizens from the UAE to India will be allowed to carry UAE-approved citizens (returning to the UAE from India) on their return leg (India to the UAE).”

“Indian airlines using return flights to bring Indian nationals from the UAE to India will be allowed to carry UAE-accredited citizens (returning to the UAE from India) on an international flight from India to the UAE.”

“In India to go to the UAE, all these flights will only carry passengers destined for the UAE.”

“This arrangement will take effect for a period of 15 days i.e., from July 12 to 26 thereafter it will be reviewed as required,” the statement said.

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