UAE NEWS: Indian couple murdered in Dubai’s Arabian Ranches, police confirm.

A Pakistani man who just entered the villa attacked the arrested duo
Dubai: Dubai police have arrested a Pakistani man who killed an Indian businessman and his wife inside their village in Arabian Ranches.

According to Dubai police, the suspect stabbed the Indian couple and escaped on June 18, but was arrested in less than 24 hours. Brigadier Jamal Al Jallaf, Director of the Dubai Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Department, said the couple’s daughter called the Dubai police command room to report the incident. “Patrols and foreign experts went to this two-room apartment. A father who worked as a senior manager at a company with his wife was killed. They are survived by their two 18- and 13-year-old daughters,” said Brig Al Jallaf. Earlier the Indian Consul General in Dubai identified spouses like Hiren Adhiya and Vidhi Adhiya.


Lt General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, Commander-In-Chief of the Dubai Police, said the Emiratis security is a red line that no one can cross and that the Dubai police will resist anyone who breaks the law or intimidates people.
Come in, Police said the suspect entered the house while the family was asleep. He took a wallet containing Dh2,000 and went into the bedroom looking for other valuables

“When the man woke up, the attacker stabbed him. The wife woke up and the suspect stabbed him. He kept stabbing them to death. When his 18-year-old daughter woke up and saw her parents in a pool of blood, the attacker stabbed her in the arm and escaped,” Brig Al Jalaf said.

The daughter suffered minor injuries and was able to call the Dubai Police. Police found the hike about a kilometer away from the villa and identified the suspect who was living with another relative. Colonel Adil Al Joker, assistant director of the Dubai Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Department, said the suspect had confessed to the crime and was planning to break into the building.

“He also said that he used to do house repairs last year and he saw a lot of money on the table, which made him enter the district. He bought the knife on the day of the crime, ”said Col Al Jaker.

He urged the public to lock their homes and use surveillance cameras in their squares. Consul General Vipul told Gulf News, “It is a very unfortunate incident and the partner is still in contact with the deceased couple.”

He said some jewelry had been stolen from the villa but has since been recovered. Vipul said the couple has their own business with an office in Sharjah.

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