UAE NEWS: Indian schools in UAE are looking at an exam-less future

The judge is still out on the future of the probationary exit pattern.

Due to the release of CBSE board exams and CISCE’s Class XII, experts say it’s time to take an in-depth look at the education system.

Discussions about the purpose of the experiments also filled the UAE study circles.

Some feel that the tests – unless they are designed to test the use and practice of knowledge – are just a test of memory and memory skills.

Some say that real tests can be compared to standard tests, but such decisions need to be made by legislators who are not usually part of the teaching team.

Nargis Khambatta, Principal, GEMS Modern Academy and Vice President – Education, GEMS Education says, “As exams have been canceled, education forums are also full of discussions – what is the real purpose and importance of the exams? Are the tests a true test of student strength? If not tests, what are some alternatives? Can the use of students’ knowledge, ingenuity, and creativity be the most appropriate marker of their potential? What are these self-assessment methods? – that is a question to be asked. ”

He adds, “Epidemic is a good opportunity to point out clean system errors. Sadly, doctors rarely make policies, and it is difficult to agree on such things at a very high level. ”

They opine until the teachers are convinced, the tests will continue to remain as a social measure of success.

“But progressive schools will also continue to explore sensible ways to engage students in their learning; provide opportunities for experiential learning, job training, industry partnerships, social, innovation, energy efficiency, while educating our youth on compassion, resilience, and hard work to make them transformative, ”added Khambatta.

Principals predict that future education will be hands-on, connected to real life, and more effective than theory.

Sanjeev K Jolly, of GEMS Our Own High School – Al Warqa, Dubai, says, “Education for the future is definitely a new dimension to what our schools have had so far. Will it just be digital mode? That is not possible. Parameters and statistical values ​​depend on the integrated model. ”

He adds, “that is to say, there can be a great deal of freedom for students not to stick to the annual syllabus as it is now. There are opportunities for Debt Recovery Modules and year-round learning. It can offer greater independence in conjunction with an integrated subject and not the general division of the stream of Science, commerce, humanities, etc. As it is today. ”

Educators see that it is time to explicitly review our education system and change it for the better.

Deepika Thapar Singh, CEO-Principal, at Credence High Schools, says, “Strategies need to be put in place to promote skills-based learning and continuous assessment throughout the academic year will help the school identify learning spaces and monitor children’s progress. These steps will help our children to grow up to be able to cope with rapidly changing circumstances. ”

He adds, “There are many alternatives where internal testing will be very helpful. Skills-based assessment that focuses on the skills a child has learned rather than content, the future. ”

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