UAE NEWS: International Yoga Day, celebrated in Abu Dhabi.

The Indian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, and hosts classes for the occasion.

Yoga can play an important role in the effort to recover from Covid-19, India’s Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Pawan Kapoor said on the eve of International Yoga Day.

The first collection of its kind since the start of the pandemic, the Embassy of India in the United Arab Emirates, the International Yoga Day in Abu Dhabi at the weekend, the holding of the sessions, and the actions of the guest of honor-Sheikh, Instagram, bin Instagram All Instagram Minister of Tolerance and of living together in the United states of america.

The event highlighted the many benefits of a yoga practice, it is to encourage people to exercise regularly. Yoga is an accessible, it can be done almost anywhere, without the need for special tools, and the best symbol of tolerance and coexistence, ” Sheikh Nahyan said.

International Yoga Day, celebrated annually on the 21st of June and has taken on a new meaning since the introduction of the General Assembly of the united nations in 2014 and, this year, after the lethal second wave of the Covid both in India and in the worldwide effort to ease the transition into a post-pandemic era.

“This is a very important ingredient that will help you to recover it. So the Yoga for Health, the focus is on mental health, like physical health,” Kapoor said.

“Yoga for Health” has been chosen in order to reflect on the importance of having a holistic view of health in a pandemic for days. Kapoor has been added to the ancient teachings of Ayurveda and yoga coming out of India, are of particular relevance for the present and said that the country is proud to be celebrating 75 years of independence.

“Physically, many of them have been impacted by the pandemic and is sure to be very bad for your spiritual health a lot of people have been affected, even to children, who could not have access to your school or your friends. It is often overlooked that the tension passed, and the long-term effects of the Covid-are still unknown, ” Kapoor said.

According to Science Daily, a group of 10 people who are diagnosed with Covid-19 will experience long-term symptoms, such as difficulty in breathing, fatigue, and loss of taste and smell. They can last for weeks, months, or even years, after a positive test result for Covid-19.

Yoga Eases symptoms of Covid

Research has shown that the breathing techniques and postures that can help in the long-term of the symptoms of the corona virus, and to improve both the physical and mental health.

More than 100 yoga enthusiasts from all over the world took part in the hybrid, and the party at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Because the Covid restrictions are still in force, were, in the event of submitting a negative PCR test was only available to people who are fully vaccinated and are up. The participants were required to wear masks and maintain social distance from the events of the whole.

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