UAE NEWS: Israel opposes any sale of F-35 to the UAE despite their warm relations

JERUSALEM – The state of Israel can withstand with any U.S. Airlines sales in the United Arab Emirates despite building ties with Gulf forces, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday, saying the need to retain military power in Israel’s top region.

The statement followed a report in the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth that Trump’s administration had a plan of a “major” F-35 merger with the UAE as part of last week’s US Gulf march to improve relations with Israel.

The US ambassador to Jerusalem and representatives of the UAE government did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Under the guise of what has happened in recent decades, Washington has stopped selling Middle East arms that could break Israel’s “proper military border” (QME). This applied to the F-35, which was banned in the Arab world, when Israel bought it and shipped it.

“In the negotiations (in the UAE agreement), Israel has not changed its position of non-compliance with any trade in the Middle East for weapons and security technologies that could promote (military) equality,” Netanyahu’s office said.

This objection includes any proposed sale of the F-35, added.

Trump officials have signed that the UAE could block the sale of new U.S. weapons after it was announced last Thursday.

Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz, in charge of the Netanyahu security commission, noted that former US officials “sell our wishes” and sell FE-16 fighter jets than Israel does and F-15 fighter jets heading to Saudi Arabia .

Even after Washington sold F-35s to the UAE, Steinitz told public radio station Kan that they would not be a threat to Israel as the distance between the countries is more than the width of the jersey without doubling.

“I would like to confirm it. “Any F-35 ends up in the United Arab Emirates – not that we can enjoy this, as we always want to be the only one (with such arms) in the region – it threatens Iran more than it does us,” he said, pointing to a common enemy. -Israel and many Gulf Arabs.

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