UAE NEWS: Kuwait Emir Sheikh Sabah leaves behind a remarkable legacy

As his history proves, Sheikh Sabah’s success will always be rooted in the minds of Kuwaiti and Arabs.

After 14 years leading his nation through regional and international conquests, the late Emir of Kuwait, the late Highness Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah passed away on Tuesday, leaving a lasting legacy that will remain in the minds of the people of Kuwait, Arab and Muslim nations, and the world.

The Kuwait News Agency, in Kuna, said in a funeral report that since its inauguration on January 29, 2006, the late Sheikh Sabah has focused on his journey to the development and sustainability of Kuwait and its people, as well as to bring peace and stability to the region and the world. .

Sheikh Sabah became the 15th leader of Kuwait and was the first to take the oath of office since 1965 in the National Assembly with the support of legal and administrative powers.

At his height the Emir promoted social relations and peace during his tenure and this policy was very much focused on his growth and public service prior to the Kuwaiti leadership.

Sheikh Sabah – the fourth son of the late Emir Sheikh Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah – was educated at Al Mubarakiya School.

He started his government career in 1954 when he became a member of the executive committee responsible for organizing the needs of government and its official departments.

In 1955, Highness appointed Emir as head of the Department of Social Development, which was tasked with organizing relations between employers and workers, particularly with the migration of Arab and foreign workers to Kuwait.

The department was responsible for uplifting the community as a whole, providing social support to women, children, youth and the elderly.

Sheikh Sabah was passionate about art and theatrical progress in Kuwait, establishing the first Kuwaiti fair arts center in 1956.

In 1957, Sheikh Sabah was appointed head of the printing and publishing department.

He has worked hard for the publishing of Kuwait Al Yawam – the official state newspaper – and Al Arabi magazine.

Sheikh Sabah has worked with legislation to put Kuwaiti media on the map of Arab journalism through honesty and accuracy in transmitting news.

He was passionate about reviving Arab culture and manuscripts through various publications, in addition to forming a special committee for the Kuwaiti historical record project.

After independence in 1961, Highness Emir was a member of the committee that laid the foundations for the Kuwaiti constitution.

He was part of the construction of the first cabinet in 1962, becoming the minister of leadership and affairs.

On January 28, 1963, after the first legal elections, Sheikh Sabah was appointed Foreign Minister of the country and basically established a system in which Kuwait supported its foreign policy. He has held this position for 40 years.

Kuwaitis still remembers that fateful day on May 11, 1963 when Sheikh Sabah hoisted the Kuwaiti flag at the UN building in New York, signifying Kuwait’s international membership.

During his tenure as Foreign Minister, Sheikh Sabah played a very important role in trying to find a solution to the problems in the Arab world.

He led a Kuwaiti delegation about 54 years ago at meetings held in his country to find a solution to the Yemeni civil war.

A conference held in Kuwait in August 1966 brought together officials from opposition groups in Yemen, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

When tensions continued between the southern and northern Yemeni factions, His Highness Emir visited both parties in Yemen in October 1972, bringing about a peace agreement between the two sides.

In 1980, Sheikh Sabah made an agreement between the Sultanate of Oman and the democratic republic of Yemen, which led to a meeting in Kuwait in 1984 and the cessation of media war and the establishment of political relations.

Thanks to Kuwait’s foreign policy and efforts to spread peace, the country was able to gather international support during its darkest period on August 2, 1990 – the time of the invasion of Iraq.

In response to this horrific incident, the UNSC issued a resolution 687, which allowed the use of all means, including military force, to force the Iraqi people to leave Kuwait.

In addition to leading the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah was re-appointed Minister of Acting in 1971-75, Deputy Prime Minister in 1978-81 and returned as acting Minister of Information in 1982.

On March 3, 1985, Sheikh Sabah was appointed Deputy Prime Minister and then Minister of Foreign Affairs, a position he held until October 18, 1992. He was then appointed First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister.

On July 13, 2003, Amiri’s announcement of Sheikh Sabah as Prime Minister was issued, which was the first time the Premiership had been split from Crown Prince.

As Prime Minister, His Highness made it his goal to bring development and prosperity to his country, encouraging for example private companies to provide employment opportunities for young people by supporting small businesses.

His rise was also determined by the vision of transforming Kuwait into a center of commerce and international trade, restoring the country known as the ‘pearl of the Gulf’.

According to article 3/1964 of the constitution, Sheikh Sabah was appointed Governor of Kuwait and swore in Parliament on January 29, 2006.

During his reign, Sheikh Sabah ushered in a period of development and advancement, launching various development projects including Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City, a business run entirely by private companies.

Other projects he oversaw include Jaber Al Ahmad Hospital, Mubarak Seaport, Jaber Causeway, Jaber Al Ahmad Stadium and others.

Sheikh Sabah has received various honors and honors, including the recent Legion of Merit Award, Medical Chief Commander presented by US President Donald Trump.

Sheikh Sabah was also recognized by the UN in 2014 as a global humanitarian leader and Kuwait was recognized as a global center for humanitarian efforts.

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