UAE NEWS: Many testing centers across the UAE offer Dh50 laser test Appointments must be booked in advance for a quick blood test that gives passengers a quick and cheap way to get to Abu DhabI

Doctors at the Gagantoot testing center on the border between Dubai and Abu Dhabi use a laser method to scan a blood sample to detect the arrival of red blood cells, the first sign that the body is fighting the virus.

Dh50 laser tests that can be used to enter the Abu Dhabi emirate are now available at several testing centers in the UAE.

The distractive interferometry (DPI) test gives passengers traveling to Abu Dhabi a cheap and quick way to enter the capital, requiring a Covid-19 not to cross the border.

A quick blood test does not confirm that someone has Covid-19 – but it does show that a person’s red blood cells are on the line of infection.

It will now be available at most drive-through testing centers that once offered only PCR dental swal tests for Dh370.

Medications at those centers will now offer a five-minute, cheap trial.

On Saturday, officials said the DPI test could be taken at three locations in Abu Dhabi (Zayed Sports City, Cornice, Laser Screening Center in Ghantoot), Al Ain (Al Hili Wedding Hall, Al Hili), Dubai (Mina Rashed, Al Khawaneej) and beyond North Emirates (Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club, Emirates Hospitality Center in Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah).

These facilities are operated by Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (Seha) or Tomouh Healthcare.

Appointments must be booked in advance on the dedicated website of Gagantoot, Al Hili Wedding Center and Ajman.

All other locations can be booked using the Seha app.

The new facilities will take the pressure of the first center in Ghantoot, near the Abu Dhabi-Dubai border, which had been booked weeks in advance.

The center in Ghantoot operates about 6,000 drivers a day.

Anyone who fails the test is not allowed to enter and is set aside and asked to be tested for Covid-19 PCR.

The test is valid for 48 hours and is only used for crossing the border.

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