UAE NEWS: More than 100 bodies of Bangladeshis people were returned to the UAE in 45 days 5,000 Bangladeshi workers also flew home

Abu Dhabi: More than 100 bodies of Bangladeshi people, who died from non-viral coronavirus infections, were returned by the Bangladesh Embassy in Abu Dhabi in the last 45 days. In addition, 5,000 Bangladeshi workers have been returned home on leased and special flights, a senior diplomatic official told Gulf News.

Many relatives of the Bangadis who had died of “nature” in the UAE were waiting for their dead bodies at home. However, due to travel restrictions, these bodies were not able to fly to Bangladesh and have been sleeping in mortgages in the UAE since March. But gradually, these activities helped to bring them back into office, said Mohammad Mizanur Rehman, an officer of the Charge Embassy in Bangladesh.

Rehman said the ambassador had begun returning the bodies to the airports, in cooperation with the UAE and the Bangladeshi government.

“More than 20 special aircraft carrying more than 5,000 people returned to Bangladesh from the UAE, in cooperation with UAE authorities,” Rehman said.

The ambassador also collected eight helicopters to send people who were frustrated or lost their jobs back home, he added. He said another 20 bodies would still be sent home – 10 each from Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Rehman said employees who were unable to pay for travel expenses after losing their jobs were assisted by the ambassador, while companies also funded them.

Rehman urged the Bangladeshi community in the UAE to be patient and approach the relief machinery. He said: “This is a test period for all, whether the people of Bangladesh or the UAE. But this service provides people with the support to send them home. ”

The bishop also praised the UAE Government’s efforts in tackling the COVID-19 crisis and called it one of the best in the world.

“I urge our people to cooperate with local government. Our people consider themselves fortunate to live in a country that cares for them and provides peace in the UAE, ”said Rehman.

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