UAE NEWS: Principals in the UAE are excited about the CBSE board exam days

Students should be at school for at least a few days before they can write their board exams.

Dubai schools under the CBSE have praised the recent decision to hold board exams from May 4. Academics, professionals, teachers and principals are pleased that the program will give schools enough time to practice and prepare.

To allay the concerns of students, their parents and teachers, India’s Minister of Education Ramesh Pokhariyal on Thursday announced that the CBSE Class 10, 12 board exams will take place from May 4 to June 10.

Pramod Mahajan, Director-Principal of Sharjah Indian School, said: “All stakeholders are happy with the decision. Students should be at school for at least a few days before writing their board exams because that will help them get used to it. This is because many students have only been doing online classes for a long time. It is also important because the tests will eventually be held with pen and paper. Therefore, parents who are not immediately confident in sending their children to school, find more time to be able to send their wards back to school to learn on site. ”

He added: “Now that students are writing their board exams in May as opposed to March, they will be starting their Grade XI lessons from mid-June unlike other grades they will start studying in April.”

In the meantime, Class X students have already decided on their future distribution based on their semi-annual and first-year test results this year.

Illuminating some of the challenges that lie ahead, Mahajan stated: “We look forward to the challenge of working, where unlike other years, outgoing Class X and XII students will be in school in April with other students from different grades. So mentally, we will have to plan a few things in our end. “

Echoing the same sentiments, Annie Mathew, Principal of Gulf Model School, said: “The one group of students who will take full advantage of this decision will be Grade 10 students, especially in this part of the world, when the new academic year begins in April. I feel that the schools here should come together and make a joint decision to reduce the burden on this group of students. We need to plan professionally and set schedules so that students can focus on their Grade 10 board exams. We could lose a few days of Grade 11 teaching, which we have to pay for over time. ”

But school principals are repeating the CBSE announcement coming as a major because it eliminates all speculation and gives everyone a certain pre-planning date.

Matthew added: “Therefore, the postponement of the tests, I believe, has provoked a variety of reactions in schools and students but in the current context, this seems to be the best option. We will have to re-work on the schedules we have planned before but it gives us more time. We must plan wisely and ensure that other marks are not affected by this decision. ”

The principals also pointed out that although students get more time to prepare for the boards, “exam success dates can be busy depending on final preparations and the competitive exam program”.

Bushra Mansoor, Principal, of Springdales School Dubai, said: “Usually the Class XI students start their bridge studies in March. But we can compensate for this by spending an extra hour in the schedule or on weekends. Additional tests can be added to the academic calendar. Leadership in consultation with teachers will need to work on curriculum plans and assessment programs, especially for Grade 10 learners.

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