UAE NEWS: Promising trend Adults, teens take Covid-19 jab in Abu Dhabi

Public response to China’s jab Covid-19 is likely to be repeated in the coming days.

There was a steady flow of UAE residents, including young and old, at medical centers in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, who lined up to take the first dose of Sinopharm vaccine against the outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19).

The UAE capital has launched a vaccination program at 34 private hospitals from December 12.

Doctors said the practice appeared positive and no side effects had been reported so far.

Dr Iajaz Ahmed, medical director, NMC Special Hospital, Al Ain, said: “The response to the vaccination program has been positive. People from all age groups flocked to the centers to take jab. We also saw children between the ages of 15 and 17 taking the vaccine with their parents’ permission. Citizens and people suffering from comorbid conditions have taken a jab after getting permission from their general practitioners. Private companies have encouraged and supported the voluntary management of policies by their employees by providing transportation and leave during the working hours. ”

Dr Ahmed said on average 150 to 170 jabs are distributed daily.

“The practice looks promising. It shows that the vaccine has gained public trust. Other than that no side effects have been reported so far, ”he said.

Outflows are likely to increase in the coming days

Hospitals in Abu Dhabi have not reported an increase in cases of Covid-19 cases since citizens of the United Kingdom (UK) were reported last week.

Hospital officials expect more people to take the jab in the coming days.

Dr Amaka Kate Uzu, family medical coordinator at Bareen International Hospital in MBZ City, urged members of the public to take the vaccine.

“There are a lot of people who turn around to take action. No side effects have been reported so far. We are encouraging more people to be vaccinated in our efforts to fight the virus, ”said Dr Uzu.

Dr Adnan Alkhalefeh, a general practitioner, added: “We expect the public response to the rise of the new mutant SARS-CoV-2 mutant in the UK. The public is urged to adhere to the precautionary measures such as hand washing, masks, and the practice. ”

‘I was reluctant to take the jab’

Zuhdy Aqeel, public relations (PR) manager, was among those who questioned the effectiveness of the Sinopharm vaccine.

However, looking back, he is glad you took the jab.

“At first, I hesitated to take the vaccine. But in time, depending on the positive response to the goal, I volunteered to take the jab. I have not experienced any side effects since I was given the vaccine. I thank the UAE government for making this policy available to the general public, ”he added.

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