UAE NEWS: Sharjah demolishes accommodations for overcrowded workers

Typical staff quarters should not have more than 500 employees.

Workers’ quarters in Sharjah have been found to be overcrowded, with an estimated 800 people living in the 500-strong building, authorities said on Wednesday. Some rooms even exceed 60 percent capacity.

This ‘serious breach’ of employee housing laws emerged as Sharjah’s Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Team (SECDMT) expanded security testing to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Speaking to the Khaleej Times, Brig Ahmed Saeed Al Naoor, chairman of the Emergency and Disaster Management Team, also stressed that standard residences should not have more than 500 employees, a power limit that existed even before the Covid-19 hit. Only four people should live in one room.

Now that physical isolation has become an important factor in preventing the transmission of the virus, the team has been making sure that all migratory settlements maintain the limit, as well as other safety measures, Brig Al Naoor said.

As explorers toured the royal industrial areas, they also discovered no-occupied settlements.

It has emerged that some companies, which had to suspend their operations due to the effects of the epidemic, have disconnected from their employees. This is another way to break the rules, officials said.

Business affiliation

Although there are cases detected in residential areas, in general, most businesses in these funds have been found complying with Covid-19 policies.

Brig Al Naoor said 90 percent of trade and industry adheres to safety rules, as they were released after the epidemic. Masks are worn all the time, body weights are maintained, and regular fertility is performed.


Awareness campaigns were conducted in various languages ​​throughout Sharjah, with the aim of reaching tens of thousands of workers. The official said among the major challenges the group faced was handling large numbers of existing industrial areas.

Thousands of educational tracts in Arabic, English, Urdu have so far been delivered by drones.

More than 30 monitors who have left 24/7 shifts have also been deployed to industrial areas to monitor compliance with monitoring measures.

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