UAE NEWS: Sharjah police rescued homeless workers living on the streets

Sharjah police and volunteer workers rescued hundreds of homeless people living on the streets.
Approximately 280 people sleep poorly in shelters that have been installed in police accommodation during their training. Workers had lost their jobs and were living in a building that had not been built for nearly three months.

Authorities have been notified of the plight of the workers following a phone call from Sharjah Radio’s The Direct Line show (Al Khat Al Mubasher).

Last Thursday, officials arrived to assist the group. They are now being cared for at the Sharjah Police Academy.”After the man called the show on the condition of the workers, we immediately started working on repairs to their residence on Saturday,” said Major Gen Saif Al Shamsi, chief of police of Sharjah Police.

“They are very happy to find a place to live, because they have nothing.”Indian Ambassador and Sharjah Charity provides men with much-needed food, clothing and face masks. Some of the workers in the group had come to the UAE for visas to seek employment and some were forfeited citizens.”We have contacted their lawyer who is helping them return home from one group at a time,” said Gen Al Shamsi.UAE authorities have targeted low-income sleeper groups after losing their jobs as a result of an outbreak of coronavirus. Also on June 8, paramedics and Dubai police assisted a group of over 20 homeless men found sleeping in a park in Deira.

The men worked in construction and others worked independently in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi. Dubai police seized families from Ghana after finding dozens of homes. Thousands of Indians will be returned to the UAE in July. The accommodation was arranged by 12 men from Nigeria, five from Uganda, three from Pakistan, two from India and one from Iran and Kenya. Dubai police and Dar Al Ber earlier helped to bring back a group of men from Ghana who were unemployed and homeless.

Police said they were trying to help everyone, including 25 Ghanaian tourists who were unable to return home due to the airport shutdown in their country.

“Dubai police have provided these people with accommodation in Hind Humanitarian City, food, clothing, and all other necessities and services to ensure their survival until they are able to return home,” a police spokesman said.

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