UAE NEWS: Sheikh Hamdan honors the team that performed the first abdominal surgery

He met with the team that performed the operation to correct a spinal cord injury found in a 25-week-old fetus

Dubai Crown Prince has teamed up with a medical team that specializes in abnormal fetal surgery to repair an unborn baby’s spinal cord. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum applauded the Latifa Hospital team for conducting the first such operation in the region.

“I am happy to meet a team that has set an inspiring example. I am proud to see this inspiring team bring hope and relief to the Emirati family as they prepare to welcome their healthy child, ”Sheikh Hamdan said on Twitter on Tuesday.

“Our Emirati medical specialist continues to boost our confidence in our health services. To all our medical staff and nurses, you are invaluable … Thank you for your tireless efforts. The health and happiness of our community is in your hands.”

The 700-gram fetus found a correction in the first fetal operation in the Arab world.

Serious six-hour surgery performed on a 25-week-old fetus gives the baby an opportunity to improve brain function, lower limb function, and disability.

The baby was diagnosed with myelomeningocele – a type of Spina bifida (a spinal feature). It can lead to many physical disabilities, including movement and mobility problems, bowel and other disorders, wound healing, and hydrocephalus.

The mother and fetus have recovered from the intensive care unit (ICU) shortly after surgery. They will be considered until the date of phase C. After giving birth, the baby will be followed by a team that performs various functions.

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