UAE NEWS: Sheikh Mohammed is meeting for the first time with the UAE Cabinet meeting since February

The Deputy President and Governor of Dubai said Government activities resume a month early due to ‘special circumstances’.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid is leading the first Cabinet meeting on the body since the outbreak of the coronavirus in February.
The UAE commission met in person on Monday for the first time in February over the Covid-19 epidemic. Ministers have held visible meetings since March as part of efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid has used a very important meeting in the Presidency to announce that the UAE Cabinet will return to work at the beginning of these “special” situations facing the nation.

The Vice President and Governor of Dubai said that required sacrifice to ensure the success of the Emirates.

As in other countries around the world, the UAE has been working hard in recent months to combat the spread of coronavirus, to manage both public and economic health through the disease.

“Today, I convened the first Cabinet meeting in the Presidential Palace after a long time, after series of long-distance meetings. And it is the first meeting after the establishment of the latest UAE Government,” Sheikh Mohammed said.

The UAE also re-elected new ministers and merged departments

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid presides over the Cabinet meeting itself

“Our Cabinet work will continues this summer due to unprecedented circumstances. Our all projects will continue. The new government season begins in August, not September. Our beauty and achievement depends on our perseverance and hard work.

“We have restructured several councils and issued new appointments. We have also discussed future government formation and new important changes to align with the most important ones in the future.”

Sheikh Mohammed emphasized the importance of strengthening the economy.

He said 33 efforts aimed at reviving the economy had been approved during the meeting.

Sheikh Mohammed has appointed three ministers to lead the Ministry of Economy, recognizing its importance, following the Cabinet reshuffle last month.

The UAE will come out in 2020 looking at the future, Gargash said
The UAE will look back on 2020 as a year of success and overcoming adversity, said the Cabinet chief minister.

Dr Anwar Gargash said he would look at it as a ‘space and atomic year’ – after the launch of the Hope for Mars program and the replacement of the first generator at the Barakah nuclear power plant.

“As the dust of 2020 stabilizes, we will focus on our beautiful Emirati atmosphere and remember that it is a year of space and atom,”

He said. “We have high hopes for our nation, its leadership and its people and its ability to lead and innovate.”

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