UAE NEWS: Suitable UAE Driver No fine for 45 years for this Emirati driver from Sharjah

Sharjah police honored Emirati for the spotless road recordings.

Sharjah: Mal Allah Ibraheim Al Hammadi of Sharjah obtained his driver’s license in 1975 and drove his first car later that year. Since then, he has never committed a street crime.

He shows that his action is in line with his respect for traffic laws and concern for his own health and that of other road users. Al Hammadi told Gulf News that all his sons and grandchildren with driver’s licenses had taken him as an example as they also had a clean road record. One of them has Sharjah police and holds the position of captain. Another engineer.

Al Hammadi also teaches his sons and grandchildren about the rules of the road and what to do when sitting behind the wheel, including wearing a seat belt and never using their cell phones while driving. He worked for the Sharjah police before retiring in 1987. He now works as a salesman and spends most of his time entertaining himself.

“I have never committed a traffic offense because I respect the rules of the road. I do not exceed the speed limit because I am concerned about my health and that of all other road users, ”he said. “Unfortunately many of our young men have been the victims of road accidents due to their negligence. They do not obey the rules of the road and drive too fast. I urge all parents to watch their sons and stop rewarding those who are negligent with cars and motorcycles because they are only life threatening. ”
His good conduct has contributed to the safety of UAE roads, and is a testament to the country’s best drivers, ”said Brigadier Ahmad Saeed Al Naour, Director General of Operations in Sharjah Police.

Most importantly
Everyone should follow the rules, whether they are pedestrians or drivers, ”said Al Hammadi.

Al Hammadi expressed his happiness at receiving the award by the police. He thanked the Sharjah police for this kind program. He said the programs encouraged the spread of the tradition of compliance with traffic laws.

On Tuesday, Sharjah police honored Al Hammadi and eight other motorists for not receiving a road fine since receiving their driver’s licenses.

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