UAE NEWS: Teachers at a private school in Abu Dhabi, staff should be tested for Covid-19 every 2 weeks

Ensuring their safety and protecting students attending class lessons.
Teachers and administrative staff of private schools in Abu Dhabi will have to Dealings a Covid-19 test once every two weeks to secure their safety and protect students attending class classes in the midst of the disease, authorities said.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Information (Adek) said it had obliged private schools in the country to allow their staff, including teachers and administrative staff, to test Covid-19 before the opening and admission of students at the beginning of the current school year.

Adek said a timetable for employees was also scheduled for two weeks to confirm that they were HIV-negative.

Officials say compulsory testing of Covid-19 is one of the conditions for schools to receive a ‘no’ certificate in order to reopen classes.

Adek had emphasized the need for private schools to adapt and continue to provide students with distance learning programs in light of the slow return of the classroom system in the midst of the Covid-19 situation.

Education administrators also highlight the importance of cooperation between schools and health authorities and adherence to precautionary measures, including wearing face masks, maintaining social confusion and daily temperature monitoring, to ensure a safe learning environment.

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