UAE NEWS: The UAE Department promotes inclusive education for all students

Access is accessible to public and private schools.

The Department of Education (MoE) has adopted an “inclusive education policy” in public and private schools that adhere to its curriculum.

It seeks to reach nine levels of student determination.

The MoE seeks to empower students and integrate them into the school community in line with government policy directives.

The initiative is a bid to provide a quality education that engages all students diligently and in line with international best practices.

Inclusive education refers to the act in which students of purpose from kindergarten to grade XII (K-12) participate in an education system where a variety of needs are met.

What are the goals of an inclusive education policy?

The MoE seeks to achieve 12 goals and will improve the quality of student commitment.

Accessibility helps to help students commit to equal opportunities without fear or favor, despite physical and psychological challenges.

The perfect approach seeks to meet all learning outcomes.

The policy will work in partnership with families and aspiring students, the Department of Social Development, and the Department of Health and Prevention (MoHAP).

A strong communication system is being developed, and the concept of inclusive education is being disseminated to further raise public awareness of student commitment.

What are the nine categories of student determination?

The nine categories are mental retardation and communication impairment, autism spectrum disorder, dysfunctional impairment, direct learning impairment, visual impairment, hearing impairment, physical impairment, mental retardation — and multiple anxiety disorders.

MoE officials said every student class of commitment needs to address it to fully integrate with the national sector.

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