UAE NEWS: This UAE school offers much more than academic achievement

Further NAS education in Dubai encourages children to think creatively.

The cost and guarantees of education remain at the heart of many UAE parents’ decisions when choosing a school for their children but educational institutions are increasingly seeking to distance themselves from the competition.

Words like community, resilience, tolerance and thoughtful thinking are becoming more and more common in the UAE education sector.

It may not mean much to a student who is joining but over time it is growing and one of the real values ​​of education is that it can buy you from international partnerships, ”he said.

The value of that makes us think of new, business and multi-sectoral thinking. We can create exciting projects and students can see these activities in the context of Dubai. ”

Farthing refers to a recent project in which students worked with MIT to organize drones to distinguish between water and land and to find litter and wildlife, helping to protect the UAE’s wild turtle population.

“Most of the drones are controlled by radio but, in collaboration with MIT and a company in Dubai, young children learned to make drones programs down and down, back and forth. They then attached a camera optic and arranged it to separate the ground from the water and later to find plastic and tortoises. ”

NAS Dubai has an ethos to teach students to think in the context of the world but to take these skills and apply them in a way that can benefit local communities here in the UAE.

UNICEF partnership
The school has a partnership with the UNICEF UN conference, where students are being sent to New York. They then returned to school as ambassadors for the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. “It makes sense to think of the whole world but use the space and use the goals carefully to build our relationship with the Daily Cares,” Farthing said.

Making art
For the past four years, NAS Dubai students have benefited from a partnership with The Julliard School of Performing Arts, known as one of the best in the world.

The school also developed a partnership with the Dubai Opera, where students could see live performances by professional artists, attend costume rehearsals, enjoy behind-the-scenes tours and a full work experience in the area.

Accept the dialogue
Last term, students at NAS Dubai High School took the unprecedented step of coming forward to ask to stop the schedule for the last week of the season. They said they preferred to devote time to open discussions about the Black Lives Matter movement and what that means. After careful consideration, the staff approved the request and brought in a variety of guest speakers.

This study was very close to being under UN Sustainability Goal 10 [reducing inequality], ”said Farthing.
If students come up with the right idea and do not listen to it, you sell them briefly. ”

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