UAE NEWS: Three people were killed and two others injured in a Abu Dhabi bus crash

Another bus collides with camels during the morning fog, with Abu Dhabi Police urging vigilance.

Abu Dhabi: Three Asian people were killed in Abu Dhabi, and two were seriously injured, when two buses collided on Saih Shuaib Truck Road on Tuesday morning.

The driver of one bus was distracted, and his negligence caused the bus to collide with another. Buses had been driving on Sah Shuaib Road towards Al Faya.

In another incident, a bus was carrying several camels on a truck bound for the Nahel area.

At that time, it was not clear horizontally because of the fog. No one was injured.

Abu Dhabi police have urged motorists to drive carefully, and to pay close attention to the road, especially if they are driving during low visibility and fog. They must also follow speed limits to ensure the safety of all road users.

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