UAE NEWS: Two shopping centers in Ajman have been closed due to violations of COVID-19 warnings

Tests will be promoted at commercial centers to ensure compliance.

Ajman: Two shopping centers have been temporarily closed due to failure to implement COVID-19 protections, the Department of Economic Development (DED) announced on Sunday.

Majed Alsuwaidi, manager of the Inspection and Follow-up Section, said the DED will continue to intensify its monitoring campaigns in the emirate market to ensure that all economic institutions adhere to preventive measures and health requirements to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

He said a team of inspectors was closing down two shopping malls found to be soft on the move, adding that work at these centers would be suspended for public health and safety. “They will be reopened as soon as we ensure that they comply with all regulations and requirements,” he said.

Al Suwaidi emphasized the importance of adhering to the COVID-19 protection measures by all economic institutions operating in Ajman, adding that comprehensive testing campaigns would continue to be conducted in all countries to ensure compliance with circulars issued by the relevant authorities.

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