UAE NEWS: UAE allows temples to hold Eid Al-Adha prayers for 15 minutes, issue new guidelines

The United Arab Emirate’s (UAE) National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) on Tuesday gave permission for churches to hold Eid Al-Adha prayers. Such prayers can be held in open spaces, the official said.

Mosques and places of worship were asked to open their doors to the public 15 minutes before the start of prayer, adhering to all Covid-19 guidelines. Prayer time, including sermons, is limited to 15 minutes.

“The Eid Al-Adha prayer will be held, as long as the peak period of Khutbah is 15 minutes while adhering to all available means of protection. The doors of places of worship and churches will be opened 15 minutes before the start of the prayer, ”the official announced.

“We recommend that all ministers bring their own prayers. Signs of social isolation will be placed in places of prayer, ”NCEMA said.

Authorities have asked temples to close their doors immediately after the end of the prayer and not to allow temples and places of worship on the outer streets and at petrol stations to hold prayer meetings. “We assure you that the doors of the mosque will be closed immediately after prayer. Also, service facilities, such as laundromats, Wudu facilities, and drainage facilities will continue to be closed. Muslims and places of worship on outer roads and power stations will continue to be closed, ”he said.

Infected people and those close to them are barred from attending prayers. Children and those over 60 or with comorbidities have also been asked to pray within the safety of their homes.

NCEMA has also issued guidelines for slaughterhouses, urging local level authorities to “monitor slaughterhouse processes, and livestock markets”.

Emiratis were also warned against sharing Al-Adahi meat or sacrificial meat with neighbors due to the epidemic. “We recommend that you make Al-Adahi (sacrifices) by transferring humanitarian organizations to the UAE to kill and disperse meat, or through appropriate programs,” officials said.

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