UAE NEWS: UAE authorities revoke fines of stranded Indian workers in Dubai Officials, volunteers helping them fly home

They were not paid and told to leave the area before assistance arrived.

Dubai: A group of homeless Indian workers in Dubai who have been left homeless and financially reunited with their families at home after a collaboration between the Indian embassy in Dubai and the Indian People’s Forum Dubai (IPF Dubai). One worker was repatriated on Thursday from Dubai to the northern Indian city of Lucknow and 16 flew home on Friday from Dubai to the southern Indian city of Hyderabad.

IPF Dubai, which works closely with the Indian ambassador for Indian social welfare here, was organizing meals for the men, almost all from the eastern Indian state of Odisha. They were laid off from the collapse of the COVID-19 epidemic economy. IPF Dubai President Radep Kumar said their employer was fleeing. About three weeks ago, workers with a blue collar were asked to leave their residence, a Sawa residence, as the rent was unpaid, he added.

Kumar said the Indian ambassador had provided details that workers needed temporary accommodation, arranged by IPF Dubai during the day. Meanwhile, the embassy arranged for emergency passports, passports, and airline tickets within a week, all of which were settled. Prompt action has been taken, even in this time of crisis, ”he added.

Foreign fines have been withdrawn
The UAE authorities also waived any fines for immigrants, paving the way for the remaining workers to be repatriated. We also give them Rs2,000 [about Dh100] each so they will have money to travel after leaving the airport in India, ”said Kumar.

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