UAE NEWS: UAE Covid Complete list of banned activities during Ramadan 2021

It is illegal to gather at Iftar, celebrate festivals at home, or visit the community.

Public Prosecutions in the UAE have described some unethical practices, including rallies and public visits during the current month of Ramadan, as part of Covid-19 security measures. Authorities also stressed the need for community members to have only Iftar and Suor and family members living in the same house.

In an awareness message posted on their Twitter account, prosecutors said rallies and banned groups in the UAE were all during Ramadan. It is also illegal to collect Iftar or other food or celebrations at home or on farms and to make public visits.

Police noted that family and organization tents were also banned, as well as commercial Ramadan tents that provided food, drink, and shisha, often associated with hotels, restaurants, and guest houses.

Iftar distribution of food in front of homes and food exchanges between families and neighbors is prohibited. Citizens are also prohibited from sending Iftar meals to Muslims or sharing food with others, and informing competent authorities about the occurrence of the request.

According to prosecutors, it is also permissible to hold Majlis or council meetings or other gatherings, whether by organizations or individuals. It is also forbidden to distribute the Quran and other gifts at work during Ramadan.

Prosecutors have encouraged citizens to use social media and digital forums to keep in touch with relatives and friends.

Restaurants have been told to follow the rules

Prosecutors also argued that restaurants and other restaurants should comply with Covid-19 rules, including stopping the distribution of Iftar food to people fasting on or before the restaurant, preparing food according to the highest hygiene and public health standards, and ensuring health. and the safety of their employees.

Restaurant staff should also always wear masks while serving customers. In the meantime, deliveries must be packed in pre-packaged and packaged containers and must be stored in special boxes during shipment. Service delivery workers should also adhere to guidelines for evacuation during the entire packing, storage, and distribution period, and avoid touching hands when distributing food, officials said.

Authorities have noted that in-depth inspections are being conducted throughout the UAE and that those who violate appropriate measures will be prosecuted, including fines and closures of the facilities or institutions involved.

Earlier this week, Abu Dhabi authorities reportedly closed 39 rallies since the start of the holy month of Ramadan.

Abu Dhabi police said they had referred officers and delegates to the Crisis and Disaster Prosecution for legal action.

Police have urged residents to adhere to all Covid-19 guidelines and safety measures.

The fine for the gatherings is a fine of Dh10,000 for the manager and Dh5,000 each for those present.

Police also said the meetings put public health at risk.

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