UAE NEWS: UAE Free Covid-19 PCR testing for vaccinated students, education sector staff

90% of academic staff are vaccinated against Covid-19.

Authorities in the UAE have announced free Covid-19 PCR tests for vaccinated and working students in the field of education.

The National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA) on Tuesday, September 7, said students, administrators, academics and technicians could receive a free PCR test every 30 days.

Students and staff at public schools are required to undergo regular PCR testing. Students 12 and older who are not vaccinated against Covid-19 need to undergo a weekly PCR test for in-person learning. Vaccinated students aged 12 and over; and non-vaccinated people under the age of 12 need to take it every month.

However, these guidelines only apply to students enrolled in public schools. The Department of Education (MoE) has assigned education administrators to each emirate to carry out their Covid back-to-school procedures.

90% of academic staff are vaccinated

According to the latest figures, about 90 percent of education workers have received the vaccine. About 36% of schoolchildren are vaccinated against coronavirus.

INCEMA also said that more than 73 percent of parents in the UAE want their children to return to personal study, according to a recent study.

Since the schools reopened last week, authorities have seen a dramatic increase in the number of students returning to school.

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