UAE NEWS: UAE launches smart platform to respond to Covid-19 threat

Fatima Al Abdouli, spokesperson for the Ministry of Infrastructure Development gave details about this Smart platform for Covid-19 threat.

The technology will determine which government facilities can be used to assist the medical sector during a disaster

The UAE is launching a smart platform to respond to the Covid-19 threat
Fatima Al Abdouli, a spokesman for the Department of Infrastructure Development.

The smart platform launched by the Department of Infrastructure Development in the UAE can track the number of deaths and deaths of Covid-19 people in each area across the country.

This technology is intended to help authorities decide when it is most appropriate to turn government buildings into a health or storage facility to help the medical industry in reducing the spread of coronavirus.

The platform uses AI techniques to provide spatial and statistical data in collaboration with many relevant government departments.

Fatima Al Abdouli, a spokesman for the Department of Infrastructure Development, said: “The platform uses innovative analytical tools to tailor government-based management courses in a way that can quickly and efficiently utilize resources available in times of crisis.”

The platform captures data from more than 3,500 government institutions, over six million square meters, which can seat more than 500,000 people.

He said: “As such, the stadium will be able to fulfill the requirements of the Department of Health and Prevention with the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, as well as other relevant authorities.”

The platform “empowers decision-makers to recognize the need for the construction of certain government buildings in times of crisis depending on how close they are to residential and health facilities”.

He highlighted the four smart tools used by the platform. “The first tool is the use of interactive maps that show the various possible scenarios to determine how well the center is ready to be built as a platform to support efforts to address this problem,” he said.

The second tool is a smart board to monitor and determine the facility’s readiness in terms of its size, functionality, and overall location.

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