UAE NEWS: UAE new weekend United Arab Emirates’s capital school principals congratulate landmark decision

Abu Dhabi’s Department of Education and knowledge (ADEK) has notified school principals to follow the new weekend plan.

From January 1, 2022, schools are open from Monday through Thursday, with half daily on Friday, while the new weekend are Saturday and Sunday.

Principals received a message from ADEK and accepted the new plan.

Thakur Mulchandani, the principal of Sunrise English school, called the choice a ‘historic one’, which can mark the start of 2022 in educational institutions.

“This is another example of how the UAE cares for the well-being of scholars, staff, parents and teachers. i feel the UAE should be the primary nation within the Gulf to implement a robust and new decision. The UAE marches sooner than the trail of progress and prosperity. “

Mulchandani said the choice would make teachers, students and fogeys happy as they were getting two and a half days off to rest. “Saturday and Sunday holidays are a dream come true. this can be incredible. ”

Principals have stressed that the new Sunday weekend plan means the UAE will adjust to international norms.

“We welcome this decision and can abide by it. this is often in line with the method followed by many countries round the world. this may help when the exams are available in on Friday, ”said Abdul Kader V.V., principal, Model School, Abu Dhabi.

Neeraj Bhargava, the principal of national capital Indian School, said the vacation on Sunday was a welcome change.

“We are going to be within the news about the vacations. We are a CBSE school, which has holidays on Sundays but operates on Fridays. So, Sunday holiday goes to be great for us. ”

Bhargava noted that there may now be a rise in daily classroom times.

“To date schools are working seven hours daily. Now, i believe we must always add 1 hour daily and get laid 8 hours. We may have 36 hours, which is quite 5 working days of 35 hours. So, school is certainly worthwhile.

Mulchandani said they need made plans to follow because the new weekend begins.

“We have planned that. we are going to be adding times for every class (Monday to Thursday). we are going to follow Sunday’s schedule for Friday with reduced time. ”

But all school principals have indicated that they need just received a message from ADEK and are awaiting a circular with instructions, which can clarify further.

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