UAE NEWS: UAE Private schools in Abu Dhabi are allowed to increase tuition fees under exceptional circumstances

The Abu Dhabi administrator lists the do and don’ts of parental guidance centers.

Private schools in Abu Dhabi will be allowed to raise tuition fees under different conditions in the new academic year, which starts on August 29, officials said.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Information (Adek) parents’ guide said schools have the right to charge full tuition fees to all students, regardless of how they study such as in-house or online teaching.

“You should not expect the money to be increased. The increase was only accepted in schools under different circumstances, ”Adek said recently.

Schools have been asked to decide on tuition and other fees, according to a list of fees approved by the new academic year administrator, 2021-22.

Adek also encouraged private schools to find ways to support needy students such as deducting tuition discounts, postponing payments, and paying semester fees per month.

PCR test requirements

Adek clarified that all children 12 years of age and older are required to demonstrate acceptable PCR test results on school premises, as the new academic year begins.

School staff will also need valid PCR test reports. Dedicated students were not exempt from this requirement, Adek said.

Authorities say students, ages 12 and older, teachers, and staff will be tested once every two weeks.

In addition, following major holidays such as winter, spring, and summer holidays as well as Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha, students aged 12 and over, teachers and staff will be required to undergo a full 96-hour PCR test.

Data showed that 89 percent of education staff in all private schools in Abu Dhabi were vaccinated.

Are vaccines required for all children?

Adek has made it clear that students between the ages of three and 15 do not need to be vaccinated in teaching classes.

However, students, aged 16 and over, should be treated with a jab. They were allowed to attend class only 28 days after the introduction of the second UAE-approved vaccine.

Needs after international travel

If a child has left outside the UAE during the summer break and a parent would prefer to choose a student education within the classroom, then they should comply with the isolation and assessment procedures outlined by the Department of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) and the National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA).

Parents must also sign and submit a declaration form for their children’s school attendance.

Schools are required to download these forms before the start of the new study session.

Parents are urged to co-operate with schools and provide relevant documentation and details before or before August 29th.

Student transport

Adek announced that all precautionary measures such as wearing face masks, maintaining adequate social confusion, and checking for Covid-19-related symptoms among students are followed before boarding a school bus.

“If your children use carpool with peers, please keep track of their daily routines, which can be used to track communication with the school or health authorities,” adds a parent’s guide.

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