UAE NEWS: UAE residents stuck abroad no longer need a return permit

UAE residents stuck abroad no longer need a return permit
The ICA migration process has changed, allowing overseas citizens to return to the new system.

A special permit for residents trying to return to the UAE will no longer be needed, the government said Wednesday.

All citizens of the UAE abroad, who have a valid visa, must apply for a repatriation permit from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenhip – if they intend to travel on any tour other than Dubai.

As of today, this process has been canceled and travel will be allowed in the country, as long as travelers perform certain procedures.

This includes updating their data, including a valid Emirates ID, passport number and citizenship at This will allow residents to leave and no consent process is required.

The ICA website appeared to be down some time on Wednesday, possibly due to demand.

Official official speculation from the government has suggested that more than 200,000 people with valid UAE visas were overseas when the borders closed on March 19. Since then, families and workers have been slowly returning but many have not been able to get approval under the previous ICA program.

Once the details are updated, travelers must use the PCR nasal swab test in an approved lab, as well as downloading the Al Hosn application, to protect their health and safety”.

All UAE airports receive Covid-19 tests from any of the well-known overseas labs

Visitors are currently not allowed to travel to Abu Dhabi but can enter Dubai via PCR nasal swab or blood test.

Dubai, with its own procedures, requires its citizens to apply for immigration from the General Director of Residency and Foreign Affairs in order to return to the country, as well as the illegal Covid-19 inspection.

Tourists visiting Dubai do not need a permit but must check in advance, in their home countries.

Newcomers to the country may also be asked to undergo a second PCR test at the airport and should remain at a designated location until the results are known.

Only then can tourists or returning residents be allowed to leave alone in Dubai, if the check is incorrect. A fourteen-day separation is mandatory elsewhere in the UAE, no matter what the outcome.

“With a slight return to normal life in Abu Dhabi, this initiative will improve the process of re-employment as more schools and universities reopen and operate normal jobs.”

The airport has urged all visually impaired residents to “submit their passport number, as well as Emirates ID number, for immediate confirmation of their entry into the UAE,” at the portal portal before booking a flight.

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