UAE NEWS: UAE sets rule for travel to selected destinations from June 23

The UAE has also announced three categories of citizens and citizens who want to travel abroad.
Dr Amna Al Dhahak, a spokeswoman for the UAE’s Department of Health, clarified that the new rules that restrict the elderly to children and children under the age of 12 apply only to travel to Dubai. “Adults age 70 can enter supermarkets, but the age limit for children under 12 is still applicable in some countries,” he said.

Dr Farida Al Hosani, a spokeswoman for the UAE government, said: “We must continue to protect ourselves by taking precautionary measures, raising our immune system through lifestyle-including diet and exercise, protecting our families and communities and caring for family members or anyone with chronic illnesses.”

The UAE has also announced three categories of destinations for citizens and citizens who want to travel abroad from June 23 as well as stipulated conditions for travelers.

Dr Seif Al Dhaheri, a spokesman for the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, said in a Wednesday press conference that countries that are allowed Emiratis to move into three categories: low-risk, medium-risk (high-risk) and high-risk countries (none to travel).

Conditions for travelers to comply with before departure include: Citizens / citizens of the UAE will have to register for Twajudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, people cannot travel unless they have a Covid-19 negative, must have international health insurance and must follow security measures at the airport.

“People with temperatures above 38ÂșC will be separated; those with symptoms will not be allowed to leave,” Al Dhaheri said.

Travelers will have to fill out a health request and a guarantee that they will adhere to all the requirements, and not go somewhere else they have not mentioned. If you are sick in the destination, you will notify the EU / EUE ambassador.

Highlighting the conditions that must be complied with when returning to the UAE, officials said travelers should always wear face masks and gloves, carry a travel file, including health status and identity cards, and should download the AlHosn app.

Returners will also be provided with a 14-day or seven-day stay on their return from the Low Countries. If they are part of an important sector and if living alone is not possible then travelers can find hotel accommodation.

“There are specific measures for specific categories of people such as students, academics, those in critical careers,” he said.


Before leaving the UAE

. Register with Twajudi
. Make sure you meet all the requirements of your destination: Pre-travel inspection, health insurance, separation, tracking systems / applications
. Follow the guidelines and precaution at the airport and airports
. Complete the traveler’s health status form
. Complete a medical check before departure
. Register with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) website to travel outside the UAE
. Persons over the age of 70 are not allowed to leave. Those with chronic illness have no mobility

where you go

. Follow local guidelines and Covid-19 steps
. Covid-19 Monitoring
. Citizens of the UAE must notify the UAE ambassador of the destination country if you encounter any symptoms
. If you experience any symptoms, refer to your nearest health care center for an emergency check-up

When he returned to the UAE

. Follow the Covid-19 organizational and local guidelines
. Download and use the AlHosn app
. Follow the UAE’s isolation guidelines and testing procedures (which vary depending on the destination of the traveler)

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