UK diplomats fear for end of special relationship if Donals Trump is re-elected

Senior officials are also concerned that Britain may be set aside if Joe Biden becomes president

The UK’s special relationship with the US could end if Donald Trump wins a second term, said some of the UK’s top retired lawyers and foreign policy experts. They also argue that if Democrat Joe Biden wins, Washington could look at the EU and not the UK as its key ally.

A worrying assessment of what Britain is facing in the US presidential election in November was made and recorded in numerous organizations last month, and highlighted concerns about Trump’s performance during the coronavirus epidemic. It also points to reaching the UK on behalf of Biden’s senior foreign policy adviser, Antony Blinken.

UK Speakers instead wanted to form a broader democratic alliance that would reduce their dependency on the US.

Rory Stewart, former secretary of Conservative Development Development, said in one survey: “If Trump comes in another four years it will be a major challenge to the global system and Britain’s relationship with the US. If we leave the US, then Trump is clearly challenging that possibility. happen, we find ourselves in a situation where our large Foreign Office infrastructure has been operating very closely with the US for a very long time.

“If we have to leave the US, it will involve a bigger change to the national security infrastructure than before. Almost since Suez, they have been automatic. ”

The UK had taken years to comply with the US foreign policy position, he said. Any change to that would require re-consideration by the Foreign Office because sometimes they did not know how an independent policy could be felt.

Sir John Sawers, the former head of the M16 and former UK ambassador to the UN, also said Trump’s election would be a problem. “There is no doubt that President Trump is a very difficult president to deal with,” he said.

“She never feels that sense of belonging to such a brilliant community, she doesn’t believe in communication and communication. He doesn’t really believe in American leadership in the world. We see for the first time in this epidemic what the crisis is like without American leadership. It is the first time in our lives that we have felt that.

“If we are not elected a second time some of the reforms that we have seen over the past few years will be implemented and intensified and then, Britain will not be such a bridge between the US and Europe.

Speaking ahead of the Black Lives Matter protests, he said the election was set at 50-50, and that if Biden was elected the UK would not just get back in bed with the US as it once did. He also called for “the strength of the middle classes to unite against China and climate change”. Both men were speaking at Cambridge University’s Center for Geopolitics.

In a manifestation of the British and Trump’s despair, Sir Peter Westmacott, a former Washington ambassador, said: “I would like to say that, as we look to the future, it would not be good to see political leadership speak to the elite – fashion principles such as accountability, respect for the rule of law, independent judicial decisions , to tell the truth, the independence of institutions and the importance of a free press?

“That may not be what public opinion is about, but it is not so far removed from ideals … Biden believes in it. Otherwise the western world has retained any kind of moral leadership and has given himself the right to call out other people if they behave badly when they are gone.”

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