UK NEWS: After a $ 4 billion loss, Heathrow tells UK to open a trip

LONDON – London’s Heathrow Airport has urged Britain to relocate vaccinated passengers after it recovered from airports elsewhere in Europe, dropping its modest loss of $ 4 billion.

Heathrow, which preceded the epidemic was Europe’s busiest airport, said Britain’s travel restrictions put pressure on trade prices and the needs of travelers, and government action was urgently needed or jobs would be lost.

The passenger rate at Heathrow would be about 20-25% of their racist levels, while European airports are already back at about 50%, said Heathrow Chief Executive Officer John Holland-Kaye.

“Without passenger flights to international markets such as the U.S., UK exports are not out of the country, and the UK will be lagging behind and that will cost jobs, unless we open up,” he said on Monday.

Heathrow wants Britain to allow fully vaccinated people from the United States and the European Union to travel to Britain without the need for solitary confinement for ten days, and says the level of its opening will help restore power.

“Europeans are already unilaterally opening up to the United States, and they are reaping the benefits of doing so. There is no reason why the UK should not do that, ”he said, adding that he believed it could happen soon this week.

Throughout 2021, Heathrow predicted that 21.5 million passengers would travel on its terminals, a significant jump from four million in the first six months of the year as borders dwindle and travel needs grow, but it is far from 81 million using destinations in 2019.

Holland-Kaye said he was encouraged by the latest bakkie as the school holidays began. In contrast Ryanair said it sees a strong summer reservation.

However, the high levels of COVID-19 cases in the UK and the government’s record of strict travel regulations – and last-minute changes to segregation requirements – mean that uncertainty continues to plague the tourism industry.

Heathrow said concerns over new regulations or other restrictions on UK travelers had prompted it to seek the revocation of its 2021 Heathrow Finance ICR agreement to cover it if passenger numbers do not significantly lose its 21 million forecast.

In the six months to June 30, Heathrow posted a net loss of 787 million pounds ($ 1.1 billion), compared to the 471 million losses in the same period last year that were plagued by part of the epidemic alone.

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