UK NEWS: Biden Demand for Calling Black Woman Rises Before Vice President

African American women have been the most loyal supporters of Democracy for years. Now they want to be more than the election workers.

Demand for the Needs of a Black Woman As VP
In the previous list of Deputy President Joe Biden, the nominees for his running mate include Sen.Karen Bass of California and Rep. Val Demings of Florida.

IT WILL CAUSE THAT, DEMOCRATS, in good times and bad. They won the most important white victory in the red, giving Sen.Doug Jones’ overwhelming support in Alabama in the 2017 special election. They voted for the most democratically elected party in 2018, when Democrats took over the reins of the House of Representatives and brought in a large portion of President Donald Trump’s legislature to suspend. They were the most loyal voters to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016, though it ended up not enough.

Biden could call a colleague this week -source
Biden wants to reunite with Iran if elected, says the aide

African American women have been loyal supporters of the Democrats over the years, bringing with them a very different and far older group of people who then elevate whites or men – or white men – to senior positions.

Now, they want to do more than just be election support workers.

“Black women are sick and tired of being seen as the backbone of the Democratic Party. We want recognition as leaders. We want everything. We deserve it,” Democratic Alliance adviser and Clinton campaign spokeswoman Karen Finney told The 19 newspaper, a nonprofit newsroom reporting on gender, politics and policy.

Biden is expected to announce its running mate soon, and it is reported that there are different black or mixed women on the list of competitors. Including Sen. Kamala Harris of California, former national security adviser Susan Rice, Rep. Karen Bass of California and Rep. Val Demings of Florida. If Bitenen has to elect one of those women, it will be the first time that a major political party has nominated a woman of color to the Presidential ticket.

Presidents can be closely monitored by their presidents once the election is over, or they can play an important role in policy-making. Biden had a close relationship with the man he had chosen, Barack Obama.

The Biden woman has promised to be her running partner with an added level of energy as Biden will be 78 on launch day. Not only will a colleague be under pressure to prove that he or she is ready to take over if necessary, but he or she will be an automatic competitor to succeed the former U.S. vice president and social worker Delaware.

More than 100 black people, including celebrities, athletes and students, signed an open letter on Monday to Biden, saying they had chosen an African American woman to do the job. Biden is already committed to putting the first black woman in the Supreme Court, but her president may be someone she communicates with and talks to regularly.

The letter complains of anonymous criticism of some black women who are being held hostage – including a case in which Harris, a former Democratic primary runner, “desperately” does the job and will make a plan to prepare him for the day.

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