UK NEWS: Boris Johnson dropped head nurse Ruth May from No10 summarizing over the Dominic Cummings row.

The chief executive in England said the “rules apply to all” as he spoke for the first time about his removal from a press conference in Downing Street.

Boris Johnson left England’s top official at a forum on Downing Street because he was critical of Dominic Cumming’s decision to violate the rules of entry. Ruth May, a senior nurse, confirmed that she was suddenly removed from a news conference where the Cummings debate was taking place.

He was not told why he was dropped from the scheduled exams at the daily press conference but stressed that it was common for professionals to be “promoted and ascended” as soon as possible.

Dominic Cummings has broken the rules but will not face a police investigation into breaking the Lockdown law
In June it was reported that May had been released because in a press conference he responded by claiming that Cummings had violated the rules by taking his family from London to Durham during the closure.

A few days earlier England’s deputy medical director, Jonathan Van-Tam, issued a clear criticism of Johnson’s senior adviser when he said “the rules apply to all”. He then appeared more frequently in the lower Powering Street area.

When she first appeared in public since the incident, May told the Commons’ accounting committee: That happens all the time. “

The senior nurse said she did not know why she had been postponed but added: “People are just going up and down on foot.”

When pressured by Labor’s Meg Hilfer MP member for his views on Cummings’ closing positions and actions, May said: “I believe the rules were clear and they were there for everyone’s safety. They work for all of us.”

SNP calls for Dominic Cummings to be investigated as Tories fears embarrassment could threaten union support
At the time, Cummings was under intense pressure to step down, and Johnson was furious when it emerged he was blocking Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty and Senior Scientific Adviser Patrick Vallance from answering a question in a press conference at another press conference.

The SNP has said the Dominic Cummings scandal will continue to erode public trust in the Tory government.

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